Lucy Robinson
About Me

I’m often asked how I became a breeder of cats.  After all, I’d only ever owned one cat and I got her
when she was one, sent her to live my parents at 3, and got her back when she was 18!  I also had
just moved to Seattle in 2000 with 2 dogs, 2 parrots, and fish!

Well, I’m not a breeder of cats, I breed Selkirk Rex Cats  – there’s a difference.

In 2002, while working on a dog park I found 4 feral kittens.  I took them to MEOW where I met
Bonne Vevea and Julie Samuelson.  I quickly became a cat person. In 2004 I purchased a pair of
Pixiebobs. A friend of MEOW bred them and I fell in love with the breed.  That same year Julie, who
bred Bengals, talked me into attending a cat show while we were both in Denver.  Two weeks later I
entered my kittens in the household pet kitten class in Portland.  I am very competitive, so naturally, I
was hooked!  While at a show I acquired a stunning Manx kitten called Seamus from my now very
good friend Lyssa Paull.  Through him I travelled all over the US and Canada. I was introduced to
both The International Cat Association and the Cat Fanciers Association.  Seamus and I enjoyed
much success. I then rescued the famous Pixiebob Nativesons El Gato de Oro, from a run down
cattery in Stanwood.  He was famous once, and he became famous again at the ripe old age of 11!

Thinking I might have a few Pixiebob litters, I chose the name Dramatails for my cattery.  I thought
about what the cat fancy meant to me – that’s where the “Drama” came from.  And I was handling
PIxiebobs, who’s tails do their talking for them! That’s where the “tails” came from.  I was a movie
buff, so I decided all kittens would be named after movies.
In 2004 I saw a Selkirk Rex Longhair belonging to Arnold Farley at a show.  I was in love!!  I wanted
a silver neutered male. I ended up with a Silver Shaded Female with breeding rights – only because it
was $900 cheaper if she had one litter.  No problem, right?

Fast forward to 2018 and I am still madly in love with this breed.  I have a stable of some wonderful
cats who have created stunning champions for Dramatails.  I’ve stuck to Dramatails and Movies. My
cats include the first Outstanding Dam for the Selkirk Rex in TICA, Million Dollar Baby and the first
National Winner in CFA, Wall-E.  I file my taxes every year, and every year, when I see my
substantial loss of revenue, I think I will quit.  It hasn’t worked thus far. This is truly a labor of love.

I am originally from California but I call the Puget Sound area of Washington State my home. I am a
member in good standing of both CFA and TICA.  I work for Microsoft as a Senior Technical
Program Manager. In my spare time - wait - never mind.
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