Retired Queens

SH Curly - Brown Mac Torbie with White
Woolibaar Firestarter
LH Curly - Tortoishell

GC, BW, RW Pamacs Alacurlzam of Woolibaar x Woolibaar Moon over my
Breeder: Donna Bass
Nite Wind Bedazzled
"Dazz" in a new home!

SH Curly Cream Classic Tabby and White

Kitty Charm Rambler of Preciouspet X Innocentia's Anna Lama of Nite Wind  
Breeder: Mary Jones
My very first Selkirk Rex...where it all started

CH Nite Wind Crystal of Dramatails

LH Curly - Silver Shaded Torbie

Nite Wind Starduster (persian) x Nite Wind Petunia
Breeder: Mary Jones
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Dramatails Casablanca (F3)
*PKD Negative*
SH Straight - Silver Classic Torbie with White 08/04/08

(RW QGC) BW, GC Katomymme Silver Fox of Dramatails x
CH NiteWind Bedazzled
Breeder/Owner: Lucy Robinson
Rosetta Stone (F2)
*PKD Negative*

Silver Patched Classic Tabby with white          
Longhaired Curly
Dramatails Mystic River
*PKD Negative* - New Home in LA!
SH Curly - Blue Silver Tabby and White

Rosetta Stone x Dramatails Little Man Tate
Breeder: Lucy Robinson
Owner: Lucy Robinson / Megan Avants
*PKD1 Negative*
Parents HCM Negative
Black Silver Spotted Tabby with white Shorthair

Dramatails Eclipse x DGC Curly Kombo of Pearl Falcons
Breeder/Owner: Lucy Robinson
*PKD1 Negative* *HCM Negative*
SH Curly - Cream and White 04/01/2007

KittiKat's Rhyolytic Magma  x Plaidplus Fergie (Brit)
Breeder: Katherine Ruttan ~ Owner: Lucy Robinson / Susan Silva
Chocolate Silver Mackerel Tabby with white Shorthair

KittiKat Pixie of Dramatails x Katommyme Silver Fox of Dramatails
Owner/Breeder: Lucy Robinson