Retired Kings
Catequil Ghost of Dramatails (CSI Grissom)  "Grissom"

LH Curly - Shaded Silver

GC Catequil CSI Horatio x Jada Wispy Willow of Catequil       
Breeder: Lynn Landers-Dickinson
My very first Selkirk Rex Male...where it all started

GC, GP, BW Katommyme Silver Fox of Dramatails (F2)
"Sammy" Here to stay!
Pedigree / PKD Negative
SH Curly Silver Mac Tabby with White

Nite Wind Silver Cashmere x WHF Silver Girl
Breeder: Victoria Pecotich
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Dramatails Silver Bullett of Nite Wind
"Harry Winston"
now standing at Nite Wind Selkirk Rex!
LH Curly - Shaded Silver

GC Catequil Ghost x NiteWind Crystal of Dramatails       
Breeder: Lucy Robinson
TGC Pearadise Beethoven of Dramatails
Pedigree / PKD Test Pending
LH Curly - Red Tabby 03/27/10

Dandy Curls Joker of Pearadise x Memere-Pata Katie of

Owner: Lucy Robinson
RW SGC Dramatails I am Legend
PKD Neg - HCM Neg - Pedigree
SH Curly - Lilac and White
Staying with Dramatails as a loving pet!
LaMancha Kokomo of Makin Waves x Dramatails Mystic River

Breeder: Lucy Robinson / Meagan Avants
Owner: Lucy Robinson / Susan Silva
Dramatails Little Man Tate
Pedigree / *PKD Negative*
SH Hz - Silver Tabby 07/11/09

GC GP BW Katommyme SIlver Fox  Dramatails x
Spellbinding Mercy of Dramatails

Breeder/Owner: Lucy Robinson
Kitti Kat Trainwreck of Dramatails
PKD Neg / Pedigree
Cream Shorthair Curly
LaMancha Trillian of KittiKat  x KittiKat Balcones Fault

Breeder: Kitti Ruttan and Sarah Ruttan
Owner: Lucy Robinson
Dramatica My Watch Has Ended
Black British Shorthair
Wanda of Kotoffski x QGCA Excalibur Constantinople

Breeder: Lucy Robinson
Owner: Lucy Robinson
Dramatails Harry Potter (F3)
"Dobby" / Pedigree
Chocolate Selkirk Rex SH

Breeder: Lucy Robinson
Owner: Harriet Haydon
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