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Young and retired breeding cats for sale
updated 12/4/2018
Black Silver Torbie with White SH Straight Spay - 1.5
year old.
Tiny was the runt - so I kept her for a bit
longer than usual. She is an incredibly sweet, bright
girl. She loves attention, loves weaving between your
legs. She is great with other cats and would likely be
great with dogs and children. She has stunning
blue/green eyes which is very unusual for a Selkirk Rex.
Odd Eyed White Selkirk Rex Straight Spay - 8 years
Lilly has given us some beautiful babies and now it's
time for her to have her forever home. She is a
stunning odd-eyed white girl with one gold eye and one
blue eye. She loves being petted and still loves to play.
She is not keen on other cats so would do best in a
quiet single cat household or with a neutered male.
She would likely do well with a dog. She has had a
dental and a clean bill of health and is ready to go!
Black Spay - "Moana"
Moana is a wonderful girl, 15 months old. She would do
best in a home with one other cat her age. No dogs, and
no kids, quiet household. Loves toys, loves to sleep on the
bed, easy to handle. Would make a great show alter as
she's already a Triple Grand Champion.
I cannot begin to tell you how much placing this cat
breaks my heart. She is 7.5 years old and I love her
dearly. Unfortunately, she doesn't like other cats and I
know she's not happy. She is a love bug, completely
devoted to her person. She still loves to play, will
sleep on you all night, and love you forever.
IW Miniswirl Fudge Ripple - $200
This beautiful girl has come back to me, through no fault of her
own. She was being beaten up by other cats and she was
unhappy. She is 10 years old with no teeth left. Eats hard kibble
fine and likes to be petted. She would be a great cat for a quiet
household where she can retire.