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Young and retired breeding cats for sale
updated 04/14818
DRAMATAILS RED VELVET - $400 + shipping
Lilac Silver Calico Selkirk Rex Straight spay - 11 months old
Velvet is a very sweet Selkirk Rex Silkie. She is full blooded Selkirk
Rex with straight hair. She has really come out of her shell and purrs
when petted. She loves the laser pointer! She does well with other
cats - preferrably non dominant cats as she tends to get picked on
Black Silver Torbie with White SH Straight Spay - 10
months old.
Tiny was the runt - so I kept her for a bit
longer than usual. She is an incredibly sweet, bright
girl. She loves attention, loves weaving between your
legs. She is great with other cats and would likely be
great with dogs and children. She has stunning
blue/green eyes which is very unusual for a Selkirk Rex.
Blue Silver Calico Selkirk Rex Spay - 13 months old
Ruby is a very sweet girl. Easy to love and easy to handle. She
was going to be a breeding cat but we changed our minds and
decided to place her as a pet. She LOVES to play and sit on you
when you sleep. She gets along with other cats and would likely
do well with dog
DRAMATAILS WHTIE OUT - $200 + shipping
Odd Eyed White Selkirk Rex Straight Spay - 7.5 years
Lilly has given us some beautiful babies and now it's
time for her to have her forever home. She is a
stunning odd-eyed white girl with one gold eye and one
blue eye. She loves being petted and still loves to play.
She is not keen on other cats so would do best in a
quiet single cat household or with a neutered male.
She would likely do well with a dog. She has had a
dental and a clean bill of health and is ready to go!
RW SGC Dramatails Frozen "Elsa" - $400 + shipping
lue Solid Curly SH Spay - 1.5 years
Elsa gave us a wonderful litter and now it's time for her to
find a wonderful home. She has made it clear to us that
she wants to be the queen of her castle. No dogs and no
other cats please. But she is young, sweet, vibrant, and
loves to play. She would make an oustanding pet or show
alter.  Super plush coat and a loud purrrr!