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RW SGCA Dramatails American Beauty
Brown Mackerel Torbie and White
Breeder: Lucy Robinson Owner: Susan Silva
6th Best Alter TICA NW Region
Best Selkirk Rex Alter Int'l
RW SGC Dramatails I am Legend "Merlin"  (PKD Negative)
Dramatails Mystic River x LaMancha Kokomo of Makinwaves
Lilac and White SH Curly Male
Owner: Susan Silva and Lucy Robinson
#4 Cat in Championship TICA NW Region
Dramatails Casino
Dramatails Eclipse x Curly Kombo of Pearl Falcons
Silver Patched Tabby Female - curly Selkirk Rex
Breeder/Owner: Lucy Robinson
RW OD SGC Dramatails Million Dollar Baby
Dramatails Eclipse x Curly Kombo of Pearl Falcons
Cream Tabby and White SH Curly Female
Breeder/Owner: Lucy Robinson
RW SGM Benjamin of Dramatails
Red Ticked Tabby and White neuter
2nd Best Household Pet
TICA NW Region 2013-2014
Dramatails Backdraft
Blue Classic Tabby and White
Breeder/Owner: Lucy Robinson and Meagan Avants