KittiKat Maleficent of Dramatails
Dramatails Dfynggravity of KittiKat x KittiKat Balcones Fault
Calico Female - curly Selkirk Rex
17th Best Kitten NW Region
2nd Best Selkirk Rex Kitten International
Breeder: Kitti Ruttan
Owner: Lucy Robinson
RW SGC Dramatails Million Dollar Baby
Dramatails Eclipse x Curly Kombo of Pearl Falcons ~ Cream Silver Mackerel Tabby and White SH Curly Female
15th Best SH Cat TICA NW Region
Breeder/Owner: Lucy Robinson
RW SGC Prinz Alberto of CatLeroy (PKD Negative)
Blue British Shorthair Male
4th best kitten TICA NW Region
16th Best Cat TICA NW Region
Breeder: Béla Virag Jozef / Owner: Lucy Robinson
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RW SGC Dramatails I am Legend
Lilac and White SH Curly Male
Breeder: Megan Avants and Lucy Robinson
Owner: Susan Silva
19th Best SH Cat TICA NW Region