Let's hear it for the BOYS!!
Dramatica My Watch Has Ended
SBV 062617 003
Black British Shorthair Carries CInnamon, Chocolate, Dilute
Wanda of Kotoffski x QGCA Excalibur Constantinople
Breeder/Owner: Lucy Robinson
TGC Dramatails Shawshank Redemption
AOP 080718 008
Dramatails Cinderella x Dramatica My Watch Has Ended
Black Smoke with White Selkirk Rex
Carries Cinnamon, Chocolate, Dilute
Breeder/Owner: Lucy Robinson
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FelineCurly Tornado of Dramatails
COP 023820 111
Blue and White Selkirk Rex
Dramatails National Treasure x QGC CurlyFlats Domino of FelineCurly
Breeder: Susan Silva  Owner: Lucy Robinson