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Seattle, WA

Dramatails Hot Fudge Sundae

BOP 031219 009
Dramatails Dark Chocolate x Quizzicurl Sir Griflet
Chocolate Selkirk Rex Longhair Variant



Dramatails Love Story

AOP 033021 069
OD Dramatails Cinderella x
Dramatica My Watch Has Ended

Black Tortie Smoke and White Heterozygous



RW BW SGC Dramatails Mrs Doubtfire

COP 100521 992
RW OD SGC Dramatails Million Dollar Baby x
ShortnCurlys Freddy Mercury
Cream Tabby and White Heterozygous

Owner: Lucy Robinson



Dramatails Ella Enchanted

AOP 033021 029
Wasillia Lil' Zesty of Dramatails x Quizzicurl Sir Griflet
Blue Tabby with White Selkirk Rex Longhair Variant

Breeders: Lucy Robinson/Kera Amos



Dramatails National Treasure "Treasure"

RW OD SGC Dramatails Million Dollar Baby x
RW OS SGC LaMancha Kokomo of MakinWaves

Blue Classic Tabby with White



FelineCurly Andromeda of Dramatails "Andy"

COP 061223 002
FelineCurly Evita x  Quizzicurl Sir Griflet/GC

Fawn Tortie/White


Dramatails  Little Mermaid "Fern"

AOP 072523 003
FelineCurly Amethyst of Dramatails x Equinox XOTC Jimi Hendrix


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