Girls of Seattle
*ALL PKD Negative*
Girls of South Seattle
*ALL PKD1 Negative*
QGC MakinWaves Anastasia of Dramatails
*PKD1 Negative*
Liliac Classic Torbie with White Longhaired Curly

RW SGC Dramatails Million Dollar Baby x RW SGC LaMancha
Kokomo of MakinWaves
Breeder: Diana Starr and Lucy Robinson
Owner: Lucy Robinson and Susan Silva
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Dramatails White Out (F3)
*PKD1 Negative*
Odd eyed white SH straight
Nite Wind Arctic Blast x Dramatails Casablanca
Breeder/Owner: Lucy Robinson
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Kittikat Pixie of Dramatails (F1)
*PKD1 Negative* *HCM Negative*
SH Curly - Cream and White 04/01/2007

KittiKat's Rhyolytic Magma  x Plaidplus Fergie (Brit)
Breeder: Katherine Ruttan ~ Owner: Lucy Robinson / Susan Silva
RW QGC Boucles Penelope La Chatte (F2)
*PKD Negative* *HCM Negative*
SH Curly - Silver Spotted and White 05/15/2013
CH Lelaurier Elusivesparkle x IW SGC Amazolou Mr Brightside
Breeder: Sarah Louise Walker
Owner: Lucy Robinson
QGC Dramatails American Pie(F2)
*PKD1 Negative*
LH Curly - Black Smoke Tortie with White 5/31/2013

Dramatails Mystic River  x TGC Pearadise Beethoven of Dramatails
Breede: Lucy Robinson/Meagan Avants
Owner: Lucy Robinson
RW OD SGC Dramatails Million Dollar Baby (F2)
*PKD Negative* *HCM Negative*
Cream Silver Mackerel Tabby with white Shorthair

Dramatails Eclipse x DGC Curly Kombo of Pearl Falcons
Owner/Breeder: Lucy Robinson
Dramatails Eclipse (F2)
*PKD Negative* *HCM Negative*
Chocolate Silver Mackerel Tabby with white Shorthair

KittiKat Pixie of Dramatails x Katommyme Silver Fox of Dramatails
Owner/Breeder: Lucy Robinson