Below are the rescues and pets that have come into my life, and found a forever
home with me!
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This is George. Brother to Mike.
He's a 14 pound goofball.  He is
one of t5e absolute best Selkirk's
I've ever bred. Unfortunately lhe
has a tail kink. I tried to rehome
him twice but he just wanted his
momma. So he'll stay with me.
This is Elphie. She is the only
living baby from my favorite
queen Blondie. She has a special
place in my heart and we just
bonded. She's about 8 years old.
She sleeps ON me. Wth the
other cats, that's a lot of love.
This is Mike. George's brother
and 12 pounds so far.  This
boy j4st stole my heart. He
loves his brother and cuddles
with me daily. He's currently
showing as an alter.