Below are the rescues and pets that have come into my life, and found a
forever home with me!
This is Woden. He is about 15 years old
the east coast and surrendered to a
shelter. Julie Samuelson rescued him and
brought him to Seattle. I adopted him
from her in 2005. When I moved to Idaho
in 2009, I brought him with me. When I
went back to Seattle, I left him there.
Now he's older, time to come back and
spend final days with momma!!
Charlie. Charlie is a DLH Black
and White semi-feral boy. He
never acclimated to the world of
people. I get a lucky cuddle from
time to time. He'll stay here for the
rest of his days.
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This is Rosie. She's not fond of people.
She's a little crazy. She'll stay here
forever to keep Charlie company.