Dramatails Whiskey Tango Foxtrot (PKD Negative)
Dramatails Eclipse x RW SGC Prinz Alberto of CatLeroy
Blue Classic Tabby SH Curly Female : 12/10/15
Breeder: Lucy Robinson / Owner: Kitti/Sarah Ruttan
QGC Dramatails American Pie
Dramatails Mystic River x TGC Pearadise Beethoven of Dramatails          
Black Smoke Tortie and White LH
Breeder: Megan Avants/Lucy Robinson Owner: Susan Silva/Lucy Robinson                                
Dramatails Frozen of BengalFlats
Dramatails Sharknado x RW SGC Prinz Alberto of CatLeroy
#2 Selkirk Rex SH Kitten/Cat TICA 2016-17
Blue Solid Female Curly SH
Breeder: Lucy Robinson / Owner: Julie Ollis
Makinwaves Anastasia of Dramatails (PKD Negative)
RW SGC Dramatails Million Dollar Baby x RW SGC LaMancha Kokomo of MakinWaves
Lilac Classic Torbie with White LH Curly Female
#1 Selkirk Rex LH TICA/CFA 2016-17
Breeder: Diana Starr & Lucy Robinson
Owner: Lucy Robinson/Susan Silva
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